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Milonga in Tokyo and Japan 2017!

José Gobello, president of the Argentine Slang Academy, said that «even though it might seem a joke, Paris is the place from where the tango came to Argentina». This controversial expression could be applied, however to describe the arrival of tango in Japan.

The rise of tango in Japan -

This is how it begins. 

I was reading a booked called "Sapiens a Brief History of Humankind" is an interesting book and have encountered  so many new discoveries about our kind but then I got tired of reading it.

Then I just thought about how I could market my newly created website "One's Word Tango" where you can find all the milongas and tango schools in Tokyo and Japan.

(The language can be switched to Japanese or English.)

This is just my side project and won't give me any penny but I feel really sorry not to have any decent websites where all the milongas in Tokyo and Japan are listed in English, especially, we have tons of them every night! 

So here I am! 

I pretty did a good job and launched it a month ago then got busy so forgot about it all.....

In Japan, we really have a long Tango history and should be generous to share our Tango culture to foreigners. 

I started learning Tango when I went to live in Buensos Aires in 2011 so somehow, it was really natural for me to start Tango because I was living in the capital of Tango. 

Even now, sometimes I wonder why the Japanese are dancing Tango, we don't have any similarity to each I've begun to undestad that we have such a long tango histroy and so it is already in our blood, hahaha.

To tell you the truth, the best city to learn Tango is Buenos Aires, no doubt.

But the second best city to learn Tango is Tokyo because we have so many good Argentine teachers and some good milongas too.

When you come to Japan, I hope that you can grab the essence of Tango and our culture. 








よく友人知人からは「タンゴって、フラメンコとどう違うの?ベリーダンスは踊らないの?」 とか聞かれますが、男子たるものすべからくタンゴを踊れるようになるべきだと思っております。マジ、仕事より難しいし、個人的には英語やスペイン語習得の時よりも苦労しました。

Let's dance!