Keep My Word






例えば「She used to be a pretty girl but.....(かって彼女はかわいい女の子だったが・・・・)」という文章が最後の文章として指定され、物語をひとつ作るのだ。そんな楽しいライティングの授業だったので、僕のライティングスキルはみるみるうちに上達し、サイモンは「もうあとは好みの問題だよ。これは君のスタイルだから、直しようがない」と言われるまでになった。

このサイモンの宿題は「Someday it will happen to you.」という文章が一番最後の文章という指定だった。それから僕が作った物語は下記だ。(多分に「かもめのジョナサン」と「イカロス」の影響を受けているが、20歳の頃はそんなことばかり考えていたので仕方ない)

Once upon a time, there is a boy who has wings but he doesn't know who he actually is.
It is just like another day when he realizes that he has wings on his back.

Since then, he has been flying in the sky.
At first he flies with some birds because he doesn't think he is able to fly higher than their sky.

Little by little, he gets bored because he has already traveled  around the world, so he thinks "What else, what else does the world offer me?"

One day, he comes up with the idea of flying to the higher sky, on the contrary, he decides to go to the sun itself.

It is such a beautiful day when he leaves other birds and his old world.
He flies to the sun.

A bird says "Why does he want to go to the higher sky where there is nobody and it's even too cold for us to live."

He still flies to the sun.

Another bird says "Why should he go to the sun, we're all satisfied with living in this comfortable world. I don' want to change anything, I am happy enough not to change it."

Suddenly, the birds shout "Look! He's started melting because he's too close to the sun! Why doesn't he stop flying, he is even melting!"

Even now, he might be flying.
Children, you can see him if you really want to see him. Just look at the sky, and pray for him. And pray for yourself because someday it will happen to you."


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