Keep My Word


I am in debt yet life still blossoms

I have mixed feelings towards  Buenos Aires.

Having lived there for two years, I'm quite hesitant to go back there once again. I have been persuading myself to go back there in Mexico City where I feel very comfortable and have no worries about the crazy inflation and how to get dollars all the time.

Argentina’s Shrinking Currency Reserves Point to Further Controls

A lot of people have asked me why I went to Buenos AIres to live out of 192 countries in the world. I could have gone to live in New York, Paris, London, California and even in Hawaii.

Now I recall that the name "Buenos Aires" was stuck in my head because I found it rather beautiful. Besides, I had traveled over 40 countries before I decided it so I just wanted to go to somewhere unknown and unfamiliar. From Japan, Buenos Aires is one of the furthest places you can go as well.


Above all, I bought a flat in Buenos Aires. Obviously, I didn't have enough cash to pay at once so I'm borrowing more than the half amount of money in order to have bought it.

I am in debt just like Argentina.

If a friend of mine had told me that he was going to buy a flat in Buenos Aires at that time, I would have thought that the guy was out of mind and was rather stupid. Yes, I am!

A stupid mistake makes a man look more interesting, doesn't it? (You don't have to tell me anything......I'm just trying my best to rationalize myself.)

Fortunately, I changed all the money into dollar before Abenomics happened so the Japanese Yen was still super strong towards dollar. (And well, it was all spent for my beautiful & wonderful flat in Buenos Aires. I could have made so much money if I had kept it in dollar.)

I don't think anyone wants any financial advice from me.

Having said that I'll have a long term relationship with Buenos Aires. (Because of the current economic situation, there is no way to sell it. Moreover, if you are a foreigner and wants to sell a property in Argentina, you have to pay 30% of the price for the tax.)

Now I'm having a break from Buenos Aires where I have to sort out so many issues once I go back. That's is one of the main reasons why I don't want to go back there as soon as possible.

I still have a hope. Things will get better in the near future.

Even if it doesn't, I don't mind it cause I'll be dancing Tango with young beautiful girls when I become 60 years old. Buying a flat in Buenos Aires is like a life insurance for me.

It's so much better than buying a residential care apartment where all the old men and women are your neighbors. O.K, here I am.

Although I'm unable to give you any financial advice, I can give you some mental advice. I am the man who have spent all the money on a property in a country where it will most likely have a financial crisis in the near future. Yet, I'm still looking forward to spending my life there in the next 20 years.

Life blossoms as long as you are positive enough to tackle your life.