Keep My Word


A beautiful sunny day in Mexico and 17 years

It was a beautiful sunny day. I went to a post office to send a postcard to my old friend who ran away with her new boyfriend.

She used to be a top model in Japan and I sometimes went to see her when she did some catwalks for international fashion brands.

There were a lot of shiny people and the scenery was really colorful.

Then she quit everything and became a swimming instructor. Once she told me that she was ashamed of her profession because when she told people she was a fashion model, they automatically assumed that she was stupid or something.

She was one of the two chosen Japanese models for Chanel when they had a fashion show in Tokyo. I am sure that a lot of girls envied her, yet she despised herself being a fashion model.

It was all long time ago and now I'm in Mexico City and she is with her new boyfriend in Tokyo. She had been with her ex-boyfriend for 17 years and then ran away with the new guy.

I don't say we are close friends but she sends me a message from time to time. We see each other every 3 years or so.

The other day, she asked me to send her a postcard from Mexico so I always wanted to send it to her. I couldn't find any post offices around my flat so today I decided to go to the center of the town where all the historical building were.



It took me half an hour to get the centeral post office which was one of the touristic attractions in the area. However I passed a beautiful park and many historical buildings, I was just thinking about her.  I was wondering how she became and why she ended up running away with her new boyfriend.

Yes, it was really a beautiful sunny day. While she was asleep in Tokyo, I was deep in my thought in Mexico.

17 years.

It should have been very difficult to break up with him, that's why she may have been ran away with the guy.

Many thoughts passed my mind  but I know that none of them were true.

17 years of her life.

All the shiny people may have gone from her life, yet one remains. I just hope that he is the guy she was looking for.