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Why I should go to Buenos Aires : Goodbye to my comfort life in Mexico City.

Sometimes, people ask me whether I miss Japan or not. The answer is No.

Why should I miss Japan? I can always go back there if I really want to. You can actually book a ticket for Japan within a minute online then you only have to take a flight the very next day. Fortunately, we are living in a modern era  where things get sorted out without a lot of hustle and bustle.

The only thing I miss about Japan is the Japanese food. But in Mexico City, there are some authentic Japanese restaurants and a decent Japanese supermarket. And so I don't think I can complain about it.

Mog (This is my favourite Japanese restaurant in Mexico City. Their Butano-Kakuni is awesome!)

Probably, I miss Buenos Aires more than Japan. I know it's crazy to say this.

Of course, I don't miss the crazy infraction, super dangerous atmosphere and those robbers. In Buenos Aires, your living becomes your work, you really have to fight for it. It's vital that you pay attention to the politics and economics of Argentina. Day in day out, there are so many things happening around the town so you have to have the information in order to survive.

However I don't want to live like that forever, it somehow lightens me up a bit because my days become varied and there is always a fight to carry a normal life.

On the contrary, I can live without doing anything in Japan. No wonder why Japanese people work so much that they have time for it. In Argentina, there is a constant need to fix things such as leaks, people turning up too late and changing money.

Image (You can check the rate at the black market above. The rate is getting higher and higher these days.)

You have to be a survivor to be able to live in Argentina.

Having only spent in Mexico City for 3 months, I feel really settled and I can imagine I'll live the way I am now for next 3-4 years easily. The fact bores me so that's why I need to go to Buenos Aires to make a change in my life.

This is an interesting theory but the truth is that even I myself am not so convinced......... The only thing I'm sure of is that I prefer Tango to Tacos, that's another good reason to go to Buenos Aires.