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About online English schools in Japan: I'm working in a very interesting industry

Last night, I was reading some tweets and found a very interesting tweet about an online English school in Japan:

3 minute lesson! No need to study English! An instant English lesson! (Sorry, it sounds weird but that's the way they write about their service.)

Basically, what they do is that they provide 3 minute private English lesson for US$1, you don't need any additional fee. Just pay as you go!

Japan is a country where Sony, Honda, Toyota and Sushi are born and once  has conquered the world by the extreme work ethic and still has the third largest economy in the world.

Yet, we are famous for not being able to speak English, and somehow can only mumble some English words rather unwillingly when we have to communicate with foreigners.

Why are we so dumb?

Because we don't have many people who have mastered the English language  and are unable to inherit the right information and strategy to those in need.

At school, we are all taught English in Japanese and our English teachers don't speak English properly. So we are all screwed up.

Then stupid people keep coming up with stupid ideas of setting up very stupid online English schools. They have already set up an online English school whose texts are all Japanese comics (Manga), and the other uses a cooking book etc....

In reality, all you need is finding a good teacher who can guide you to reach your goal. It's really simple and easy.

When it comes to learning a foreign language,  a lot of people pay money just because they are native speakers of their target language.

It's really an interesting theory that they can actually teach the language without any qualifications. Personally speaking, I don't think I can teach Japanese because I have no idea how actually it works.

I've been running an online English school for more than 3 years and it seems that the situation is getting worse. After all, it's all business and they don't really care about student's improvement. That's the only decent excuse why an asshole set up another stupid online English school whose lesson only last for 3 minutes.