Keep My Word


What are you waiting for?

Sometimes, I imagine. If I were 20 now, what I would do?

I went to Scotland to study English when I was 19. But these days, you don't have to go abroad to master a foreign language. There are so many Online English schools and language-learning websites such as below:

1. One's Word Online (It's still in Japanese but we are going to launch a Spanish version and Portuguese version soon.)

2. Livemocha 

3. Verbling

If you are self-disciplined enough, you can acquire a foreign language in your own country. Another thing I would love to learn is programming.


You don't have to learn it from scratch, you can use an application like above, furthermore there are so many others as well. Actually, I don't get it why people are still talking about going to good universities to learn something useful, it's all up there in the Internet.



The professors from Stanford University, Princeton University, Tokyo University and so many famous universities are going to teach you for free. Unfortunately, we don't have any excuse not to learn now. Everything is there and free.

If I were a high school student, I would watch TED on my smartphone while my teachers were conducting their boring classes.

[ted id=1090 lang=null]

[ted id=66 lang=null]

(Two of my favorite TED videos, they are so inspiring!)

After considering every opportunity we have now,  I would end up spending my entire time in my room and learn something if I were 20.

The future is looking bright.