Keep My Word


Think forward not backward

Most people wonder when I tell them that I'm running an English Online school. They usually think that I am an English teacher and  am just managing my schedule or something.

Unfortunately, I'm incapable of teaching anything because I'm very impatient and can't put up with the people who don't get what I tell them to do. I'm quite certain that I'll be one of the worst English teachers on this earth.

Luckily, I know what I'm good at and so I just stick to it.

The thing is that I'm good at not working hard. It sounds awfully wrong but the truth is that I'd like to reduce my work as much as I could. People just don't get it that it's really easy to work but it's hard not to work.

When you work, you can feel valuable, that's the main reason why we continuously work hard and try to work as much as we can.

If you set up a company, it's easy to spend a lot of time worrying about many things such as revenue, tax, marketing, recruiting and most importantly your company's future.  I've passed that period and I don't worry about anything but I keep thinking about everything.....every possible possibility I can think of.

Think forward not backward.

From time to time, people question about my business, and give me some suggestions too. Somehow, they always think they have bright ideas and don't seem to understand why I'm not following their so-called bright ideas.

I think  about my business 24/7. Most of their ideas are actually the ideas I've already thought of and have decided that we won't do them.

Others work, but I think.

I believe that's the way all the entrepreneurs should be. We are the ones who really need to think hard in order to make our business sustainable.  Others are usually busy working day in day out.

Well, having said that this won't justify why I have so much time for dancing and partying in Mexico City. So I hope that I can put things together and show them what I'm really capable of doing it in the near future.