Keep My Word


Recovering from the disaster and Tokyo Olympics in 2020

7 years from now.
What will you have done? Where are you going to be?

The only thing I'm sure is that I'll be in Tokyo in 2020 and watch the Olympics. 

We still remember 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.
It was the biggest tragedy for most people in Japan and we were all devastated.


A lot of people have asked me whether I was there in Japan or not.
Yes, I was there but in Tokyo.

I usually say to them that nothing happened in Tokyo on that day.
Nothing actually happened, but we were all forced to watch and hear thousands of people kept dying.

20,000 people died of the Tsunami and earthquake.  
What have we done wrong?

It was a natural disaster which took thousands of  innocent lives.

We are still struggling from the disaster and people are worried about the radiation from Fukushima. 
So that's why we are all delighted that we are going to host the Olympics in 2020.


We need something to look forward to.
Since we all share the grief from the tragedy, we can share the excitement and joy towards  the Olympics.

In general, we are discreet enough not to talk about our biggest tragedy in Japan, but from now on, we can openly talk about something more delightful.

On 3.11. 2011 in Tokyo, nothing happened but it changed everything.
We have all faced with the fact that we have to work together to recover from the tragedy. 

However, I am no nationalist and don't usually think about my country, it still hurts me deeply.

7 years from now.
I hope that I will have accomplished a lot more than now and will be able to contribute something to my country.