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A Simple Learning Strategy: How I've learnt Tango

To be honest with you, I'd had no interest in Tango before I started it. Since I started living in Buenos Aires, I naturally took up Tango as one of my hobbies.

Yes, it was just a hobby which was going to kill time and nothing else.

At first, I thought it was as easy as pie, but what I discovered was that I had no dancing talent nor rhythm. So I had to spend a lot of time to follow the rhythm and be able to dance properly.

Fortunately, I had a great Tango teacher who was patient enough to teach me the rhythm and whenever I made a mistake, she stopped the music and we started it again.


It took me a year to be able to follow the rhythm and another half a year to be able to go to Milonga where people dance Tango with strangers. (You may laugh at this fact but most men don't have any rhythm and they don't seem to realize it. At least, I knew I wasn't following the rhythm whenever I made a mistake.)

It was a job. It was something I wanted to overcome.

For a year and half, I didn't enjoy taking Tango classes nor dancing Tango. (I was taking a private Tango clase twice a week for a year, then went to many group classes later on.)

Now I'm really happy that I can dance Tango and really enjoy it.

People often talk about having a talent and don't realize that there is something else behind it. Besides, we are not talking about becoming a professional football player nor classic ballet dancer.

As long as you are ready to put some effort and time, you can take up anything you like.

Especially in Latin America, people don't have any patience to learn anything so there is far less competition than anywhere else. (I'm quite surprised by the fact they usually stop learning something at the certain level which is still too low to be called as being good at something.)

So what I wanted to say was that even I can dance Tango, anyone can. You just have to be patient enough to learn it.

Anything you like or you would like to take up, you can. Just be patient, that's all.

And yet, you should know that there is always something more you can learn. That's how life goes on.